Please watch the Trajectory Overview (video) and Mr. Li Peisheng's recent presentation (video) to learn more about the history of Zhongkai

Trajectory Overview

Recent Presentation

Speech from the Chairman and President

Dear Sir/Madam:
      Welcome to visit our new website.
      Our new website has been recently remodeled. It now contains Enter Zhongkai, Investment, Culture, Recruitment, and Contact Us. Your advice and comments are appreciated. To reach for the career acme, it is of utmost importance to choose the right partner. We uphold "honesty" and "truth" and follow the guiding ideology of "synergy", believing that cooperation can gain us preemptive opportunities. So let's join forces and improve our "image, relationship, and efficiency" in the shortest time under the guidance of the scientific concept of development.
      Hope that we can create a win-win situation in our "goods operation, capital operation, international operation, and talent operation".
      Wish you all health and happiness!